when do you double the final consonant?

We have been learning a lot about word endings lately (-ed and -ing).

One day, last week, one of my students asked...

"Mrs. Lindsey, why do some words double the letter?"

For example:
run --> running
swim --> swimming
skip --> skipped

To teach my students the rule for doubling the final consonant, I made this flow chart:

Click the picture below to download this flow chart for free!

This phonics lesson goes great with these little characters
(my students where so happy to see these guys again)!

You can purchase these cute letter characters and a whole unit of word ending practice at my TpT store.


  1. I love that flow chart! So visual :)

  2. lindsey, i put your characters up in my room the other day and my kids LOVED them!!!! thanks for this!

  3. I'm off to purchase it! I have to know though.. did you create the clipart or did you purchase it somewhere. It is ADORABLE!

  4. These are great! I love the idea too, I always find myself trying to help kids remember the rules that go with all of the spelling patterns I teach in third grade. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

  5. Thanks so much for this helpful chart! I purchased your unit on "-ing and -ed"! My class loves it!

  6. Love this flowchart!!

  7. This is great! Thanks! To help my first graders know when to double the consonant, I tell them that a "secret e" hides behind the -ing and if he can "reach" the vowel he will make it say it's own name (the long vowel sound). So we tell the consonant to get a friend to help protect the vowel. It has worked so far! Hope this helps your kiddos too! :)

  8. @ Ms. Durning: I am glad you like it! The Character Word Posters were created by me! :)

  9. @ Ms. Durning: I use Adobe Illustrator... I been using it for years! :)

  10. Thanks for sharing the flow chart! Can wait to introduce and begin using it after Spring Break. It will be a great reference tool for my kiddos! Thanks!

  11. Hi Lindsey! I just wanted to tell you that I purchased these letter graphics (-ed and -ing). I teach older ELL students, but I have some 4th graders who will LOVE these1 I left some feedback on your TpT store...it's my first-ever TpT purchase! :)

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  12. Just came across this via Pinterest! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the flow chart! I already have your characters and mini unit, how did I miss the flow chart?? Thanks for sharing!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  13. Lindsey,

    I ordered this last year and love it! Thank you so much for helping me be a better teacher. I would so LOVE for you to visit me if you get the chance. I have TONS of *freebies* that you could use with your kiddos!

    Heather's Heart

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  15. I love your chart and am going to link to your post from my blog.

    Kaylee's Education Studio


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