popcorn words

Popcorn words are great because they literally "POP" into your mind!

This whole unit was inspired by this cute 
popcorn popper I bought a couple weeks ago:
You can find it on Amazon {HERE}!

This was another purchase that my husband *rolled* his eyes at... oh well!

I was thinking that it would be fun to pop popcorn every 
Monday when I introduce the new word-wall words!

I am getting these popcorn shaped words ready for the next years word-wall!

Please Note: Kindergarten and Second Grade Popcorn Words are Coming Soon!


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  1. I would love the popcorn word wall words! :) happyinthelord2day@gmail.com

  2. Whoops, I was so excited I forgot my email, mandybcollins80@yahoo.com

  3. how fun! I love using the air popper for my senses unit too!


  4. I'm going to have to find some type of alert for your blog because I'm always missing out on your freebies!! More more thing going in my MUST buy on TpT


  5. I cannot wait for the kindergarten popcorn words!

  6. I have a "popcorn" word wall but I LOVE yours better! Let us know when you have the Kindergarten words up b/c I will definitely be purchasing!!!!! =) I love your stuff, so precious!

  7. I wasn't the first, but I can't wait until the kindergarten one comes out!

  8. Thanks for sharing.
    I have actual popcorn containers and I throw all my sight words in there as well as some words that say "pop." Kids pull out a word and keep it if they can read it. If they get a "pop" they have to throw all their collected words back in.

  9. Love your blog! It makes me want to teach 1st grade! But for now I will be anxiously awaiting your K popcorn words:)

    A K teacher in Iron Co.

  10. p.s. Where did you find just cute clipart?!!!! I am want to start making some things to share as well but have no idea where to start! =)

  11. @jessica: I actually created this clipart(in this unit) myself... :)

    but, a lot of people use scappin doodles!

  12. Hey Lindsey, just wondering how many of the dolch words there are, and about how big are the popcorn pieces? I'm thinking I may just have to revamp my word wall! :)


thanks for the love ♥

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