plural "y" endings update

I added this part of my newest unit as an after thought. 
I had a student prove me wrong today! 
(Don't you love it when that happens? I know my students do!)
Sometimes “y” isn’t replaced with “-ies”... 

For Example
monkey --> monkeys
day --> days
toy --> toys

The rule about “-ies” only applies when it is a consonant before the “y”. If there is a vowel before the “y” then you add the “s” as normal. That is why I made some allergy medicine. The allergy medicine helps “y” so he can be around “s”. I am excited to show this new addition to my students!

If you have already purchased this unit, go ahead and re-download it!



  1. this is so adorable. you're incredibly creative =)


  2. I just love these. I just purchased 4 of your products today. :) I got tired of looking at them longingly so I took the plunge and purchased them. Thanks for making them.

    Oh and I have not forgotten about the Bulletin board ideas. I just have not had a chance to think them through and write them out for you.

    Ms. M
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  3. Do you have an idea of how to tie this cute idea in with the spelling change when "er" or "est" is added? (For example: thirsty + er = thirstier thirsty + est = thirstiest) I'd love to hear any ideas that you have. I used your darling unit today and my students loved your cute story and pictures. ***Oh, one more thing . . . when teaching "er" and "est" . . . you should for sure read the book "Pig, Pigger, Piggest" by Rick Walton. It sounds like you are in Davis School District. If you are, this picture book came with the 1st grade math program. It is ADORABLE!!!


thanks for the love ♥

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