giant easter eggs

A couple days ago... I went to Hobby Lobby with my sister...

and I came home with this:

It's a Mega Egg--and it is huge (see the penny for comparison)!

This was definitely a purchase my husband *rolled* his eyes at...

But I couldn't resist! It was 50% off!!

And it came with two other eggs inside... BONUS!

I just know there is something fun I can do with these Mega Eggs in my classroom...

(And YES, they open up like real Easter eggs!)

Any Ideas??


  1. How about using them as a behavior motivator?

    Fill each one with a slip of paper that has a prize listed on it. The kids can work to earn the eggs over a period of time, starting with the small egg and working up to the huge egg.

    For example: The small one could say something simple like "lollipops for everyone" and the largest one could be something like "popcorn and movie party".

  2. I think these would be pERfect with your comparatives phonic unit. Create a list of words and students could sort; big, biggER, biggEST.

  3. Hey Lindsey,
    When we get back from break on Monday we are about to finish up measurement, specifically, capacity - how great would these be to how that! You it would be tricky with liquid, but I did emphasize with my kids that just because the cup is bigger it still depends what you put into, same as these eggs. It may not always benefit to choose the biggest egg. Ya know what I mean. I happened to come up with this lesson on my toes cause I had just taught math with some of our 3rd graders and had hot tamales and starburst lying around. I was perfect and it got them counting too!

  4. oh my gosh i just saw that MEGA egg at hobby lobby. the picture of the penny on top doesn't do it justice. i'd probably do something incentive-wise also. haha

  5. Ohh! I am about to do a dinosaur week with my small group reading. That egg will be great for getting them excited! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I was thinking that you could put something inside of the giant and make it a mystery egg. I got the idea from The Inspired Apple’s mystery box. By the way I found out about that site after reading your amazing blog. You could give the students a couple of clues and then have them make predictions as to what is inside.

    You could put something in there that would be an introduction to a new unit or something that you are already working on in class or even a special treat for the students. Since you have the bonus eggs, you could leave another egg inside the bigger one with more clues. I bet the students would never guess that there is another egg inside, and it will build up their excitement even more.

    I love all the other ideas that people have posted, especially the one about using the eggs for your newEST phonics unit. Who knew there would be some many terrific ideas/activities for a giant egg =) Also I have never heard of Hobby Lobby before, is it a store where you live or just an online store? Thanks for the link I am going to check it out right now.

    ~Danielle =)

  7. CUTE! I can see my hubs rolling his eyes at that too, but I think you found a unique buy. We don't have Hobby Lobby's here. Anyway, I'm thinking that you could use them to teach synthesizing like how I used nesting dolls in this post: http://oneextradegree.blogspot.com/2011/04/synthesis.html.

  8. addition and subtraction problems. put the type of problem on the outside and each egg gets a number. I read this on another blog last week not sure which one.

  9. They look great, do they sell them in the UK, I wonder?


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