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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Here is my bulletin board for March:

This is one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss.
Painting this hat/cake was so much fun... I just wish I had more time to do stuff like this!

On a Side Note: I have to get my very first substitute on Thursday (I have to attend a math training)! Ahh! I feel like a mother leaving her baby for the first time. I am so nervous! Thank goodnesss I have a great substitute (who was actually my sixth grade teacher) lined up.

Any suggestions when it comes to writing sub plans??
I haven't even started yet!


  1. Love that quote! I always type super long, detailed sub plans because I want to include every single bit of information. It takes me forever! It helps if the sub has been to your school before, so you can exclude things like "how to get to the cafeteria" and whatnot. I always start out with emergency information (how to call the office, where the kids' contact information is kept, where emergency supplies are, etc). I also type/highlight near the top any information about special needs or students who need to see another teacher for pull-out. Then I just type out a super detailed schedule, and in the schedule I'll tell them where the supplies are for that activity. Sometimes it helps to list one responsible student's name on the plans in case the sub has a question. Oh! And if I'm having them do something with technology (even watching a movie on the tv), I'll have a little backup plan just in case they can't figure it out.

  2. Love the hat! Very cute.


  3. Cute bulletin board. Way to go for never taking a sick day so far! I think I've taken around six already (five of them were because my baby was sick though). My sub plans are crazy detailed. It's best to write as though your sub has never been in a classroom (but maybe not this time since you're is actually a teacher). Just remind your kids that the sub will do things differently than you, and that's OKAY. Sometimes kids wig out a little over that. I always leave extra activities, books, and such if they have spare time.

  4. So cute!! We are doing Dr. Seuss this week as well!

    So glad you stopped by my blog, because now I have found another cute blog to follow! :) I am loving yours as well!

  5. I, too, leave REALLY detailed sub plans, so that nay ol' Joe off the street could teach my lessons! I also lay out all of the materials needed for the day, and I put post-its on top of the stacks labeled with the subject and time they'll be used, just to eliminate any question! :)

    I am currently baking rainbow cupcakes for our Dr. Seuss birthday party tomorrow afternoon - they're so colorful, which is just how I picture Dr. Seuss!! :-)

  6. My favorite quote is "Because, after all, a person's a person no matter how small."

    Sub tip: It's a lot of work, but if I know that I'm going to be gone I leave each student a post-it with a note of how to help. In particular, your difficult students need to be the big helpers. "Tommy, please show the sub where my to find____ and remind Anna to grab her lunch box before she leaves. I know you will be a big help!"

    I also leave a letter on the board for my students. "Dear Class, remember I told you I wouldn't be at school today. Show our sub how much you know and be great helpers! See you tomorrow!"

    As silly as some of that seems, it really helps! I was gone for a funeral last year and leaving the note telling my kiddos why I was gone meant so much to them. I was realllllly sick about a month ago and telling my kids in a letter that I just didn't feel well did so much! They love us and want to know EVERYTHING!

  7. This quote is from my all time favourite Dr Seuss book and you've made me think that no matter how old we are, that it would make the perfect book to read to someone on their birthday.

    Nice one, you've just started a tradition in our home!

    xx Felicity

    PS As for your substitute plan, some great getting to know you activities at the start and then a 'lighter' day so that the kids and your sub have fun learning together.

  8. AND like the comments before mine I leave REALLY detailed plans and WAAAAAY more than enough work. It's exhausting, but I would rather be over prepared.

  9. Here are some tips! :)



  10. Love the bulletin! Advice on the sub plans...I write mine word for word step by step for EVERYTHING It takes me a long time to write sub plans which is why I never want to be gone its so much work but I promise things will run smother while your gone if you have DETAILED plans. :) Enjoy your day at the training I felt the same way the first time I had to get a sub.

  11. Love the bulletin board!

    As far as sub plans, I agree with most others in saying you should have them be SUPER detailed! When I subbed, I always wanted a class roster, instructions on lunch count/attendance, computer passwords if necessary, phone # to call the office, teammates names, good helpers, students to watch, etc. I would have a long "procedures" section that you can save and use any time you get a sub. This can include the roster, class schedule, related arts schedule, etc. I would also say you should include your behavior techniques such as how you get the students' attention and if you have a "flip a card" system, "move your clip" system, etc.
    Don't forget to ask the sub to leave you a note!
    Good luck :)

  12. I know this was posted awhile ago...but maybe this might be useful for next year ;0) I created a generic "sub-tub." In the tub I include a sub folder with general information about my classroom routines, underneath of the folder, I have a general all day lesson that could work at any point in the year. All the materials are also included in the tub and there are a few extra "filler time activities". It takes awhile to come up with, however, when my son had the flu and I was unable to prepare for my absence, my next door teammate grabbed my tub from under my desk and set it out and everything was ready to go. :0) (my teammates also created tubs and we e-mailed the lessons to each other, swapped out a few minor details, and if there was every a long emergency we had three days of lessons that we could rotate amongst the first grade team)

  13. Hey Lindsey!
    I think I want to make one of these for my birthday board - what font did you use on this?

    - Sydney

  14. Hi Lindsey!

    We loved your Dr. Seuss bulletin board and featured it at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas!

    You can find the full feature here:

    We were sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link to your blog, but we'd love for you to check it out. If there are any problems, we'll be certain to take the feature down immediately!

    Thanks so much!
    Kayla Johnson


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