telling time

I have recently introduced the analog clock to my students.

They are now obsessed with it and they think it is the coolest thing!

Teacher! Do you want me to tell you what time it is?

We are only working on the hour hand right now... minutes will come later!

I put together this little clock worksheet,
because I wanted my students to construct a clock on their own.

We talked about how 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock are always opposite each other.
As well as 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock and once they get those down, then the rest is easy to fill in!

We also put a face on our clocks to help us remember that it is called the clock face!

We made up a song together (you can sing it to any tune you want):

Oh, the hour hand is short.
It is short, short, short!
Oh, the hour hand is short.
It is short, short, short!
Oh, the hour hand is short.
It is really SUPER short!
Oh, the hour hand is short.
It is short, short, short!

I know what your thinking--I should go into song writing!
 Ha! Whatever helps them learn, right? 

Click the picture to download!



  1. Love this download! You could also use a paper plate with this activity, I find the plate last a little longer than just paper.Hope this helps.


  2. Thanks for the share! We start time next week and this will help a lot!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  3. I posted a self checking time Clip It center on my blog! Check them out your kids will love it if they love time!

  4. Thanks for the super cute clock worksheet!!!


  5. This is really cute! Believe it or not, I have a third grader who still gets really confused about which hand is which! I'll have to try this! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thanks for sharing this! I sat down ready to teach time this AM and couldn't find our manipulative clock - and this fits the bill perfectly!


thanks for the love ♥

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