teacher, can i go to the bathroom?

I am constantly reminding my kids to go to the bathroom during recess.

Recess is their break. Recess is my break.

However, they always "NEED" to go potty during class.

We have a sign they give me when they have to go to the restroom.
They sign "t" (in sign language) for toilet and I nod "Yes" or "No".

If I give them permission, then they get the bathroom pass and put it on their desk.

This happens WAY to often.
And lately, it seems like 10 people have to go at the same time.

I realize that some students really do have to go during class and that it is a true emergency.
However, I never know if they can hold it or not... ya know?

I definitely don't want anyone to wet their pants!
(Knock on wood, because it hasn't happened... yet!)

So much classroom time is wasted when students choose to go to the bathroom during class.

Did you know... if one student goes to the bathroom one time, everyday (during class),
and it takes 5 minutes each time... then that is 900 WASTED MINUTES?

900 minutes! That's 15 hours! Wasted!

These are my ever-so-popular bathroom passes:

I need your help! Please share your wisdom and experience!!
How do you manage bathroom breaks during classtime?
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