no school saturday: playing mommy

This weekend I am playing mommy to these little girls:
Their mommies headed down south for a little vacay.
I didn't want to miss school, so stayed home to babysit.
Lucky me.
It's a good thing they are cute.
However, I can't seem to get a thing done and they keep messing up my house!
I don't know how you teacher-moms do it!

Seriously, I need my weekends to have a break from the kids...
This weekend, I am going crazy instead...

Like I said... it's a good thing they are cute!


Saturdays make me want to shop.
Too bad I don't have money to shop with (we are putting EVERYTHING into savings).
If I did have money (and if my husband wasn't sitting next to me) I would by this little darling:

Everyday I ask my husband, "When are we gonna be rich?"

He always reponds with a laugh.


  1. Awwww! We are kindred spirits!! I'm excited to have found your blog!

    I also have a great desire to shop, but as newlyweds we are also putting EVERYTHING into savings.

    Doesn't being responsible stink?!?!?!

    Hope you get some "me time" later. Maybe your hubby will watch the kiddos.... :)


  2. Those are some cute girls! It makes me hope my next baby will be a girl so I can put her in dance lessons. Being a Mommy/Teacher/Wife/LDS woman can be exhausting sometimes! Me time is super important... Hope you can find some this weekend.



thanks for the love ♥

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