no school saturday: playing mommy

This weekend I am playing mommy to these little girls:
Their mommies headed down south for a little vacay.
I didn't want to miss school, so stayed home to babysit.
Lucky me.
It's a good thing they are cute.
However, I can't seem to get a thing done and they keep messing up my house!
I don't know how you teacher-moms do it!

Seriously, I need my weekends to have a break from the kids...
This weekend, I am going crazy instead...

Like I said... it's a good thing they are cute!


Saturdays make me want to shop.
Too bad I don't have money to shop with (we are putting EVERYTHING into savings).
If I did have money (and if my husband wasn't sitting next to me) I would by this little darling:

Everyday I ask my husband, "When are we gonna be rich?"

He always reponds with a laugh.
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