no school saturday: grading papers...

Uhhh! I am not having a "No School Saturday" today.

Instead, I am grading papers--LOTS of papers.
Friday was the end term 3 and I have oodles to get done before report cards are sent home.


I hate procrastinating, but I can't help it.
When something isn't fun or stressful, I push it off until the last minute.
Grading papers isn't fun and it is stressful

Thank goodness there is a Harry Potter marathon on TV today...
at least that keeps me somewhat entertained!

Now that I think about it...
I think I need some ice cream to go with my movie...


  1. I'm right there with ya! I managed to get most of my grading done and a good start on report cards. Good luck and hope you finish soon so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I'm with you too, unfortunately! Report cards go home on Friday, so I'm trying to get them done this weekend. My least favorite part is writing out all of the comments. Good luck! :)

  3. I too am grading papers! I didn't even look at them during spring break and now I am paying the price to get them graded before Monday! I am watching Harry Potter as I grade too. I did take a few hours to go out to Bayside with my girls and take pictures of the moon, but now I am back to work. It isn't fun.....

  4. Grading papers is on my plate for tomorrow. YUCK! Oh well, it has to get done. Conferences are coming up and I don't like to get behind. Does this mean you get a fun sunny Sunday?? :)


    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  5. With all of my years of teaching...of being so organized and on schedule...on Friday, I forgot to hand out report cards!! Hope that makes you chuckle a bit while you're working.

  6. I've done the same thing! Why do I do this to myself?! Now my Sunday afternoon will be spent at the grocery store (ugh), grading papers, and writing lesson plans. Maybe I'll do a Harry Potter marathon too!

  7. I'm in the same boat. Except that I have report cards to do too. Like a dummy I left them to do over my spring break. That will be lots of fun for me.

    Ms. M

  8. I'm doing the same thing. I thought I would be productive and work on it over spring break - no such luck. =)


  9. I feel your pain. Spent the weekend doing the same thing! We were given the gift of an early release today due to snow (Maine, gotta love it). Have I used my time wisely? I think not as here I sit at the computer. :)


thanks for the love ♥

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