let's talk pencils

I was inspired write this post after reading The Inspired Apple.
(Ha! No pun intended!)

Basically, her question was: How do you keep your students supplied with pencils?

Even though my strategy isn't perfect, I thought I'd share!

First of all, my students are NOT allowed to sharpen pencils. 

If they need their pencil sharpened,
then they put their pencil in the "Dull" cup and take a new pencil from the "Sharp" cup.
(Oh and about the erasers... my students always have their own eraser top...
they keep their eraser when they switch their pencil).

I sharpen pencils at every recess (it seriously only takes like 30 seconds). 

This has worked really well for my class. They know that the pencils belong to the whole class and that we share. It also keeps them from chewing and destroying them!

If any of my students come to school with a fancy/colorful pencil, I am a mean teacher, and I send them back home! I just don't have time to sharpen everyones' individual pencils. I also don't allow pencil sharpeners in their desks. I told you, I was mean!!

But seriously, it is amazing how something as little as a "pencil" can be so annoying! However, if you just keep it simple, then it goes by the wayside, unnoticed. (Which is what we want, right?)

How do you manage pencils in your classroom?
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