compound words

You know you're a nerd when you get excited about words.

I am a nerd.

I was excited to teach compound words.




What isn't to love?

To teach my students about these lovely word pairs, we made a HUGE list of all the compound words we could think of. Then, with the words on the board, we made Compound Cards:

 I love this activity, because my students really have to think about the meaning of the compound word, as well as, the two words that it is composed of.

This fun activity is also easy to prepare (which is great, because there aren't enough hours in the day)!
All you have to do is cut construction paper in half, horizontally.  Easy!

The next day, we started another huge list and it is still growing! I love how they are always thinking up new compound words (and some non-compound words--that they wish were compound words, so they could write it on the list).

The list is actually taped down to a table, instead of on the wall. I am very particular about what can go up on my classroom walls, and it is easier for them to write words down on a table.

I would love to hear how you teach compound words to you students!


  1. Love the compound cards! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  2. I love the compound cards and the table writing, genius!!!!


  3. Great compound word activties! We're learning about compounds this week, too. I can't wait to use some of these. Thanks for sharing! :)


  4. LOVE IT! :)


  5. Love the compound word cards!! Easy to prepare but so cute, and meaningful!


  6. I do those same little compound word flip pages! In fact, I did them just about the same time you posted your idea! Love the table idea too!

  7. I did compound words a few weeks ago. I typed up a list of compound words and chopped them in half. I gave the students the front half of each word, and hid the second half of the word around the room. The kids had to find the match to their word, and I would check it. Then they glued the words together on a half sheet of paper, and illustrated their compound word. Then I hung them up for a compound word wall.

  8. Excellent ideas for compound words. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Too stinkin' cute!!! Thanks!

  10. In fact, I did them just about the same time you posted your idea! Love the table idea too! I do those same little compound word flip pages!
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