blog help: pop-up comment window

Let's face it... we all LOVE to get comments.
For some of us, it is the fuel that feeds our inspiration.
Comments make us happy!

Did you know that a pop-up comment window is the easiest way to leave a comment?
And not only is it easy, but it is super convenient and quick.
If you love comments, then you want to have the pop-up comment window on your blog.
When it is easy for your readers to leave a comment, then they are more likely to do so.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have a pop-up comment window on their blog.
Most people have the comment box embedded on the same page as their post.
This way is okay and it works, but it is REALLY annoying!
Sometimes I don't leave a comment (even if I really want to), because it takes so much longer!

This a pop-up comment window (a.k.a. the easiest way to leave a comment):

To get the pop-up comment window, you need to click on Settings, and then Comments.

 Once you are on the comments page,
you need to find the section that says Comment Form Placement:

Then make sure Pop-up Window is filled in: 

 If you scroll down a little bit further,
then you can leave a message to the people who comment on your blog:

Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and save your changes!

Wahoo! Comments will be a lot easier to leave on your blog now!
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