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we're A E I O U...

Have you heard that cute song from the Leap Frog - Talking Words DVD?
If you haven't you need to! I had my students watch it to review letter sounds.
It has a cute little song for vowels that goes like this:

We’re A-E-I-O-U,
We’re the vowels!
 We’re the glue,
To stick the words together,
We’re very sticky letters!

We’re very sticky,
very icky, sticky-icky letters!

While singing it, I have my students link their fingers together and pretend like they can’t get them apart (like they are so sticky, just like the vowel letters).

I also made some glue bottle vowels that stay up on the board all year long (I got the idea from my favorite teacher-friend down the hall from me). It's a great reminder for my students that the vowels are the letters that "stick the words together" (like glue)!

And guess what? I made some for you! These ones are much cuter than my original glue bottle vowels (in the picture above)... I might have to make myself some new ones...

Click the picture to download:

After you download this document, all you have to do is print them on white card stock,
cut out, laminate, and put magnets on the back.


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