the teacher brain

I think I finally have it.


I know I have it, because I can't sleep.

It never lets me sleep.

I lay in bed at night, wide awake, thinking of things for my class.

Thinking of new ideas for art projects, phonics games, math...

I know that it is a blessing and a curse.

But I need my sleep!

I am so tired.

Does it ever go away?

The Teacher Brain.

I have tried melatonin.

 I have tried counting sheep.

But, I still lie in bed wide awake.


Everything leads me back to my first graders.

If only they knew how much I thought about them.

How much I care about them.

How invested I am in their education.

Maybe they would listen better in class?

Maybe they would try harder on their assignments?


The Teacher Brain is now a part of who I am.

Now I know why teachers are "underpaid"!

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