hello in iraq!

So, I have mentioned before that my adorable niece is in my first grade class.
I love it!  She never takes advantage of our relationship and she is a perfect, model student.
Here we are on pajama day together:

My niece's dad is in stationed in Iraq right now. It's been really hard on her family, but they are getting though it. Since it is President's Day (week) and all, I thought it would be fun to Skype with her dad during class!
The class loved it and they thought it was so neat! They each got to ask him a question.

Some of the questions they asked were: What do the people look like? What is the weather there? Are you having fun? Do they have food where you are? What time is it there? What day is it? What is your job? Do you miss your family? When can you come home?

When we Skyped with him, it was 2:00 pm (our time) and 12:00 am (his time, the next day).
They thought that was hilarious!

After talking to my niece's dad, we wrote letters to him.
This is her letter:

It choked me up when I read her letter. I love how she said,
"I am so happy you can come home [in] April, because April is not so far away."
That's right girl! April is not so far away!
(And thank goodness because this little girl needs her daddy!)

Thank you to all men and women (and their families) serving our country!
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