george washington artwork

I never really enjoyed history... and I didn't pay attention to it in school growing up.

Now that I am a first grade teacher, I have to teach it... right?

I am actually learning a lot about the presidents... and guess what... I like it!

Check out these cute Georgies:

Who knew that US History could be so fun to learn about?

What are you doing in your class for President's Day?
(SERIOUSLY - I need ideas!)


  1. I just had ordered five different books from Amazon about President's Day because I did not have any. ("Duck for President", "My Teacher for President", "President's Day.")

    After getting them I realized I don't really like them. Too wordy and too much info for my kindergarteners. I want to find a basic picture book that they would understand about Abe and George.

    So anyway, I created my own slide show for smart board about the infor I want them to know. I find an emergent reader minibook they are going to make today. Tomorrow they will make the two- sided Abe and George craft from I found on "Chalk Talk."


  2. Cute art work and I love your last post all about Valentine's Day. I'll have to store that away for next year. I was in SLC today doing some testing and I was wondering what part you live in. Anywhoo did you see that you won a give-a-way from first-grade-teachers.blogspot.com ?? I'm pretty jealous but glad that someone I "know" won! Congrats!

  3. I wanted to share the love so I am awarding you the with the "Stylish Blogger" Award.

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  4. George Washington's Teeth is a must have, so is Abe Lincoln's Hat! Your G.Washington's are adorable. I can't believe you have time to maintain a blog as a first year teacher. Well done!


thanks for the love ♥

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