a few of my favorite things...

Don't you just love that movie? I grew up watching it and I know all the songs (thanks mom)!

I am linking up with Jodi over at Fun in First... join the fun and list your favorite things, too!

I could NOT live without my iphone:

...or my chi:

I am in LOVE with my wedding ring:

...and tulips:

I am addicted to:

...and Cafe Rio (if you have never had it--you are missing out):

...oh ya, and Diet Dr. Pepper!
What are you favorite things? 

Photo Credit: iphone, chi, tulips, blistex, dr.pepper


  1. How could I forget my beloved chi?! I am so with you on that!!! I just got a new pink one. :)

  2. Diet DP...what would we do without it?!?!

  3. I LOVE my CHI as well I just upgraded to a new one this Christmas you can control the temperature its great.

  4. I hear ya on Cafe Rio! It's just a Utah thing (and I think Vegas has one now)...so everyone else is REALLY missing out!

    Your ring is GORGEOUS!

  5. Thanks for playing along. Definitely agree with loving tulips. They are my favorite flower and I get so happy when they start blooming in the spring.


  6. Oh, how I love Cafe Rio! Yummmm! I see you're a fellow Utahn! I wish I had a cute 1st grade blog but I have no ideas of my own. Where in Utah do you teach?

  7. Lindsey
    I am a new blogger and I would like to do a give away on your site:) I need some followers:) I am a 2nd grade teachers in NC. I have taught for 10 years in grades K-2. I have just launched a teacher resource site at www.theschroederpage.com. Then...I discovered blogging. I have a blog started at http://schroederpage.blogspot.com. I also was just featured on Teach Like a Rock Star with Hal Bowman. You can view my write up at http://www.teachlikearockstar.com/featured-buzz/theschroederpage-com-rocks/. It is my dream to work with young teachers and student teachers. I am just getting my feet wet.

    I am attaching my Peep Unite for you to look over. Thank you in advance for helping my get started!

    I would love your thoughts on this idea. I am not even sure how to do a give away but I am hoping with your help I will be able to increase my followers and continue to contribute to the teaching profession.

    Mrs. Schroeder
    Harrisburg Elementary
    2nd Grade


thanks for the love ♥

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