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Since this is my first year teaching, I am trying so hard to cover all my bases.  When it comes to math, I am having a hard time. The math program I was given is hard for me to teach with, because it doesn't mesh well with my teaching style. It is very hands on (which I like) and it uses a lot of manipulatives (which I like), but it has to be supplemented quite a bit with other material (which I don't like).  Supplementing is hard as a first year teacher, because I am not quite sure what needs to be supplemented and how to supplement it. 

I created this Fact Family Mini Unit to help my students understand the relationship and patterns found in fact families. I even color-coordinated everything, so they can see how the numbers move to different spots in the number sentence. I made a poster sized house to go along with the flash cards, but it can be taught without the house (although, it is pretty cute).

The  Mini Unit Includes: 10 different fact family combinations, color coordinated fact family flash cards (house poster is NOT included), and a Fact Family Booklet for your students. The Fact Family Booklet is made to go along with the 10 fact families included in this unit; however, it also includes a blank page so you can discover other fact families with your class.

I posted this mini unit on TpT for $2.50, because it was so much work to put together.
It is my first lesson plan I have ever placed for sale!
Click the picture to visit my TpT store and purchase the fact family mini unit!
(BTW: On the TpT website, you can have a "free preview" before you buy...)

The first 2 people who comment will get this mini unit free!
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What do you do to teach fact families?


  1. Yay! I love the house idea! It is seriously so cute! I'd love a copy of your unit since our math program doesn't do anything too creative to teach fact families.

  2. There is a great (free) Number Family Tub program that Kathy Gursky created years ago. When I student taught in 1st, we used some of it.

    Oh and btw, I've given you an award over at my blog The Caffeinated Teacher!

  3. I just discovered your AMAZING blog! I am Julie's friend and we are doing the teacher-2-mom blog together. I am totally in awe of you! First year teacher, amazing blog, newlywed, and the darling "est" ideas EVER! I would love to do a feature of your blog on teacher2mom if that is okay with you, if you wouldn't mind putting a blog in for us?? But first...how on earth did you make your darling heading and button?? If you get a second would you mind e-mailing me at katewpettit@gmail.com. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are AWESOME!

  4. My email is mrs.edwards2@gmail.com

    Thanks :o)

  5. So very cute! This week I'll be posting how I introduce fact families...using cute little fact family members (stick figures)....your fact family activities will compliment mine beautifully! I'm bummed...I didn't see your giveaway sooner! Oh well...maybe next time!


  6. This is a great activity! Thank you for sharing.
    I nominated you for a stylish blog.
    You rock!

  7. Thanks again! I can't wait to get started on making the house.

  8. I just found you!!! Your blog is amazing! Thanks so much for your ideas. I will definitely use them! I’m always too late to win anything on these giveaways!

  9. Thanks for this great resource! I bought it on TpT and can't wait to use it to teach Fact Families to my students! A couple questions about the big house, what are the dimensions? Did you use tagboard or bulletin board paper to make it? Did you laminate everything (house and flashcards)? Thanks so much! If you'd rather send an email, use my personal account nikkidanielle@gmail.com. Thanks again!

  10. you seem like an AMAZING teacher! As a mom of a first grader & almost Kindergartener, I am LOVING all the help & posts :)

    And as far as you not being sure of what to supplement, etc...my daughter has a really great teacher who is retiring next year. I know she would love to give you any info on filling in the gaps...she is super organized and really great with the kids. My little girl LOVES school. We are here in Utah as well in East Carbon @ Bruin Point Elementary. If you are interested in getting in touch with her feel free to email me. greenwoodfamily2002@gmail.com.

    & keep up the great work! Its so wonderful to see people getting into teaching because they care and you really seem to go above & beyond. Good luck on the sleep thing too! Im the same way as a mom & photographer. My mind is always running for what I can do for everyone else :) I got a nook color & read my favorite magazines [Elle Decor, Parenting, etc.] in bed...so far its working. Puts me right to sleep in about 10 mins. I think its because my mind is "busy" but not with thinking so much.


thanks for the love ♥

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