100 book challenge

Before Christmas break, I challenged my students to read 100 books by the end of the school year.
When I told my students about this challenge they just looked back at me with big eyes.

But Teacher I don't have 100 books!

They thought 100 books was impossible.

So far, three students have met my challenge and many more are on the way!

I sent home a letter explaining the rules of the challenge to the parents.
Attached to the letter I included 10 pages of chain links (100 chain links total).

Each time they read a book (at home, on their own) they got to put a link on their 100 Books Chain.

When my students read 100 books, they are to bring in their chain so I can take a picture.
Their picture then goes on the "I can read 100 books!" wall and I give them a special surprise.
The special surprise is a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book with a letter from me in the front cover.

I also make a HUGE deal about it to the rest of the class...
it makes them feel proud and it motivates the others.

(Of course, my cute first-grader-niece has read her 100 books!
That is what happens when your aunt is the teacher!)

What do you do to encourage reading at home?


  1. This is such a great idea...So I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. Go to my blog to follow the directions. http://ashleysamarin.blogspot.com/
    Congrats...I think you are awesome!

  2. I LOVE IT! What a great idea to get them even more excited about reading! Thank you for sharing.


  3. What an awesome idea! This is a great way to get kids at a young age motivated to pick books and to read!

  4. Love it! I teach K and I'm going to start sending home a "Book in a Bag" this week to encourage more reading at home, since some of my students might not have very many books at home.

  5. Wonderful idea. :) I love your blog. I am now a follower.

    Ms. M

  6. Love this idea! My kiddos would love this challenge! Did you start this at the beginning of the year?

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your ideas on your blog. At times I wish I taught elementry and could do fun projects. I like teaching the older kids but the projects are a bit less crafty.

  8. I love your idea! Its a great way to get students reading and to KEEP them reading. Thanks for sharing the idea with us. I love your blog, by the way!


  9. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I LOVED this idea so much that my class started it first thing this year! They come into my classroom telling me how many books they have added to their chain... so thank you!

  11. Great idea! I think I might try this come January and run it to May. :)

  12. Love this idea, thanks for sharing

  13. I just came to this post via Pinterest. What a fantastic idea! I am going to try this with my own kids. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. I modified this to use with 4th grade- next year I'm going to do the 5,000 page challenge and this year (since I started after break) I'll be doing the 2,500 pg. challenge. Great idea!

  15. What a fantastic idea - definitely using this!!

    Lisa Warner
    Leeds, UK

  16. Super fun! I need to try to think of a way to encourage my kids to read CHAPTER books since they're getting ready to transition to 4th grade. Perhaps I can do something like this...smaller number of course! :)

    Thanks for sharing, as always!!


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