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100 book challenge

Before Christmas break, I challenged my students to read 100 books by the end of the school year.
When I told my students about this challenge they just looked back at me with big eyes.

But Teacher I don't have 100 books!

They thought 100 books was impossible.

So far, three students have met my challenge and many more are on the way!

I sent home a letter explaining the rules of the challenge to the parents.
Attached to the letter I included 10 pages of chain links (100 chain links total).

Each time they read a book (at home, on their own) they got to put a link on their 100 Books Chain.

When my students read 100 books, they are to bring in their chain so I can take a picture.
Their picture then goes on the "I can read 100 books!" wall and I give them a special surprise.
The special surprise is a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book with a letter from me in the front cover.

I also make a HUGE deal about it to the rest of the class...
it makes them feel proud and it motivates the others.

(Of course, my cute first-grader-niece has read her 100 books!
That is what happens when your aunt is the teacher!)

What do you do to encourage reading at home?
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